Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spain Stay Top, Indonesia down

. Sunday, February 7, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa
Zurich - Spain still top ranked in the latest FIFA rankings released. While Indonesia slipped 16 ranks to 136th position.

In the list of countries ranked by the February 3, 2010, 10 large positions in relatively no significant change. The top nine countries, namely in order: Spain, Brazil, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France and England remained in place with a collection of points that remain the same.

While Egypt had just won the African Cup surging to order up 10 or 14 ratings. United States, which led the most points collection CONCACAF zone was also unmoved at number 14.

While Indonesia is the release in December ranked order of 120 fell to 136, with 155 collection points, minus 51 points from the previous ranking. This is not a bad performance out of 'Red and White' at the Asian Cup qualifier.

Charis Yulianto cs in a position protruding Group B with only three points just collecting the results of series three times and twice defeated, left behind four points from Oman who are in it and neither one escaped. As for Group B spawned Kuwait and Australia both collected eight points.

While most points collectors from Asia is Australia with 857 points and ranked 12th. Japan followed in 40th position with 729 points.

Top Ten Fifa Ranking (Released, February 3rd, 2010)
  1. Spain With 1627 Poin
  2. Brazil With 1568 Poin
  3. Dutch With 1288 Poin
  4. Italy With 1209 Poin
  5. Portugal With 1176 Poin
  6. Germany With 1173 Poin
  7. France With 1117 Poin
  8. Argentina With  1082 Poin
  9. English With 1076 Poin
  10. Egypt With 1609 Poin  

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